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A Job Interview Gone Awry

An anonymous woman from La Jolla, California claimed she was drugged and raped while on a job interview on the night of April 27, 2015, at La Jolla restaurant Voce Del Mare.

It all started when the woman was looking for a hostess job on Craigslist and answered a job posting. She arrived at the interview at 9:30 p.m. and was greeted by the restaurant owner, Daniel Dorado. During the interview, Dorado offered the woman some wine, and she agreed to a glass.

Sipping the wine was the last thing she remembered.

The next day, she woke up in an unfamiliar room completely undressed, next to a nude Dorado. The others who had been at the restaurant had vanished. She was left locked in a room with Daniel.

Her phone rang and it was her mother, concerned about her daughter’s whereabouts.

“Honestly, I feel because my mother called the restaurant around four something in the morning is what made him let me leave, knowing that somebody knew I was there,” she said. Once Dorado left, she made a quick escape. However, she didn’t leave unharmed.

The woman knew something terrible had happened to her that night when she experienced unusual pain. She suffered vaginal discomfort and woke up with bruises on her chest. 10 News reported that the woman quickly filed a police report but was initially told there was insufficient evidence to arrest her alleged perpetrator.

More Women Come Forward With Allegations

Since reporting the incident last week with the public, more women have shared similar stories involving the restaurant owner. The reality of the situation became clear. This woman was not the only one to suffer at the hands of Dorado. She is now one of four women allegedly assaulted by him.

“Knowing that I’m not the only one, I want justice, and I hope that if there’s anybody out there who knows this individual, who was a victim, that they come forward so there can be justice.”

Dorado was arrested on March 28th, 2018 on 18 felony counts, including the woman’s rape. Still, the woman was adamant that the arrest should have happened three years earlier when she first reported the crime.

Breaking the Silence

The unidentified woman is being represented by attorney Jessica Pride, who commented that “since the airing of this news regarding the accused, our firm has received multiple calls regarding his behavior.” Sexual abuse victims must be forthright about what happened to them to stop the cycle of abuse before more innocent lives are affected.

Were you sexually assaulted? If so, you are not alone. Remember, you have a voice. Attorney Jessica Pride has represented countless sexual abuse clients, helping them transform their lives every step of the way.

Now, she can be your advocate, and fight for you too. To speak with Jessica Pride in a free, private consultation, call ​(619) 516-8166 today.

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