Help a Loved One

How You Can Help a Loved One

If a loved one has suffered through sexual assault, she may go through a stir of emotions ranging from fear to shame, guilt or denial. She needs someone to be there for her.

You must make sure she knows she is not alone.

She may question whether what happened was her fault and be afraid to come forward to authorities, or she may feel embarrassed. But no matter what the circumstances of your loved one’s situation is, it is not her fault. She can become a survivor, not a victim. But she may need some help getting there.

helping a sexually assaulted friendYour Support Will Help

It will take a lot of courage to get through this, but if you believe what your loved one is saying and you want to be there emotionally, you can lend the most supportive hand. But it’s important to know her options.

Educate her on her options for getting help. Make sure she knows that, regardless of the circumstances, if she was violated by someone without her consent, she was victimized. She is not the guilty one.

Tell her to do what is right, and be sure she knows she won’t be alone through the process. Her loved ones will stand beside her. Above all, support her no matter what she chooses.

It’s Never Her Fault

If your loved one was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs — or even if her status in this country is undocumented – it is still not her fault. If she feels guilty or is confused about what happened and is hesitant to report it to law enforcement, the Center for Community Solutions can direct her to a place where she can have a partial physical exam at no cost. The results will be reported to her whether or not she decides to go to the police.

Jessica Pride Can Help

We hope your loved one takes steps to criminally prosecute her attacker. However, even if she does not decide to pursue criminal prosecution, Jessica Pride can help. Jessica has helped victims just like your loved one get their power back in civil court. Not all cases require a confrontation in court, however; most are settled privately and confidentially.

Contact Us

Jessica represents victims of sexual assault throughout California and may assist in cases out-of-state. No matter where you live, call us with your questions or if you’d simply like someone to talk to. To learn more about how Jessica can help your loved one, please contact us today at (619) 516-8166.