Maggie Strohlein

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I know that I can change the world, one client at a time.

Maggie Strohlein

Maggie Strohlein

Maggie Strohlein is a certified paralegal at The Pride Law Firm. Maggie has over twenty years of experience in the legal field and has worked at several prominent firms in San Diego. She joined The Pride Law Firm in 2018 and enjoys working closely with clients and attorneys to resolve difficult cases.

Maggie earned her paralegal certificate from The University of San Diego School of Law, where she graduated with honors. She has worked for the US Marshal’s Office and Federal Defenders and considers herself to be very well-rounded in the legal industry. Her work at The Pride Law Firm has been some of the most challenging and rewarding work of her career, and she takes great pride and satisfaction in helping survivors of sexual assault.

Maggie was born in Washington, D.C., but has lived all but eight years of her life in sunny San Diego. She enjoys travel, concerts, hiking, and spending time with her two teenage children.


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Get to Know Maggie


Why are you choosing to focus on sexual assault?

The #MeToo movement has raised visibility of sexual harassment and assault and it is hopefully changing the “old school” way of thinking. Long before I began working in the legal industry, I experienced harassment in the workplace and felt powerless to do anything about it. I feel that many people, especially young women and men, feel the same. I want to give those victims a voice and the power to take control of their lives and send a strong message that such behavior will no longer be tolerated.


What is a message you would like to give survivors of sexual assault who are afraid of pursuing their perpetrators in civil court?

Fortunately, we have ways to protect victims’ identities if they are afraid of retaliation or simply afraid to face their assaulter. However, I believe that facing your fears and seeking justice helps survivors recover from trauma. We don’t want to go back to the times when victims, out of fear, kept silent. Truth is always on your side and victims who have the strength to speak out, are helping to prevent future assaults.


More About Maggie

I am a mother to a daughter and a son who are both in high school. They are my greatest accomplishment. I was raised in a strong, loving family, and was taught to be independent and ethical. I sang and played an instrument in high school, and also played on the basketball and swim teams. I have been very fortunate and have traveled to more than ten countries. I enjoy live concerts and hiking with my welsh terrier, Alf. My favorite season is summer, and I love the beach. I am one of three sisters, and am an aunt to three nephews and one niece.


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If you’ve been the victim of sexual assault, Jessica Pride wants to help you once again become the strong person you are. No man or woman deserves to be victimized in such a way.

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jessica pride
jessica pride

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