Helpful Resources For Victims

“The core experiences of psychological trauma are disempowerment and disconnection. Recovery, therefore, is based upon the empowerment of the survivor and the creation of new connections.” – Judith Herman

Below are links to a number of resources to assist sexual assault victims. Also included are organizations and websites that aim to educate men and women to prevent sexual assaults from happening in the first place.

If you are unsure if you should seek help after a possible sexual assault, you should also see our page here.


San Diego Resources


Campus Resources




Free Smartphone Apps

  • Circle of 6
    Circle of 6 is an app for the Android and iPhone that makes it quick and easy to contact those you trust in an emergency. Users designate six trusted friends or family members to whom they can send pre-written messages with the touch of a button to get a ride or summon help. The app can also be used to contact emergency services and sexual assault hotlines.
  • Guardly
    This app can also be used to contact loved ones and emergency services with ease during an emergency. It can also send your location via GPS to facilitate help.
  • OnWatch
    Designed specifically for college students, who face a heightened risk of sexual assault, OnWatch can be used to quickly and easily contact friends, campus police or other services during an emergency.