Teri A. Gibbs

I know what it feels like to be on the wrong side of justice. I greatly admire anyone who stands up for themselves and their rights.


Teri A. Gibbs

A law clerk at The Pride Law Firm, Teri Gibbs received her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Political Science from Loyola Marymount University in 2011. She went on to earn her M.S. in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University in 2014 and graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in May 2018.

While in law school, Ms. Gibbs was named one of the San Diego County Bar Association’s 2016 Diversity Fellows as a summer associate at the law firm Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch LLP. She also worked as a law clerk for the San Diego Public Defender’s office and served as Vice President and Social Chair for the University of San Diego School of Law’s Black Law Student Association.

  • San Diego County Bar Association
  • USD Black Law Student Association
  • USD Women’s Law Caucus
  • Earl B. Gilliam Foundation

Get to Know Teri


Why are you choosing to focus on sexual assault?

My ultimate life goal is to be an advocate for the disenfranchised – anyone deprived of some privilege. In my opinion, sexual assault deprives women and men of their freedom to live normal livelihoods. For this reason, I love helping and participating in their healing process and path towards closure and justice.

I also love the multiple societal benefits to working in this field. In civil sexual assault, we not only assist victims obtain justice, but we also deter future harmful behavior. Waking up for work is easy knowing that you are lessening a person’s trauma and preventing someone else’s.

What is a message you would like to give survivors of sexual assault who are afraid of pursuing their perpetrators in civil court?

There is light at the end of every tunnel. Pursuing civil claims may be daunting, but the great thing is that it is more robust than just a manner to punish the perpetrator. It is also therapeutic for the victim. During the process, we help the victim receive emotional and psychological support, closure, empowerment, and peace of mind. The victim should approach the process as an avenue to feel less defeated and regain any strength that the perpetrator tried to take from them. We are a hands-on firm and our goal is to make sure that the victim feels supported.

More About Teri

As a double minority – an African-American woman, I have experienced race and sex-based discrimination and violence in many forms. I know how it feels to be on the wrong side of justice. My experiences have influenced my desire to be an advocate for people subjected to any type of injustice. Moreover, I greatly admire anyone who is able to stand up for themselves and their rights.


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If you’ve been the victim of sexual assault, Jessica Pride wants to help you once again become the strong person you are. No man or woman deserves to be victimized in such a way.


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